Video Bingo

Video Bingo

The traditional bingo nights are done. Forget the monotonous bingo caller screaming successive numbers and the loud noise of the bingo balls shuffling inside a metal cage. Video bingo is played just like the standard bingo game but instead of numbers on the cards, they’re random music video titles. When you get 5 consecutive squares aligned, you get a bingo!

How to play video bingo for free on this website?

To play on this website, go in the main menu and choose a playlist. Download the corresponding PDF files (bingo cards, reference table and verification table). Print the amount of bingo cards needed depending on the number of participants. Print the reference table and the verification table. When you’re ready to play, click on the video. Follow the game with the reference table. Confirm the winners at the end of the game with the verification table. For more details about the game, go to the “Help” section in the main menu.


Playlists are made of music videos that have been seen millions of times on the internet. Each music video will be played about 45 seconds and the length of the playlists is about 10 minutes. The playlists were sorted by tags attributed by iTunes. You can access all the playlists on the Video Bingo Youtube Channel. The videos are already “mixed” in a way that the end of a video fits with the next one. For those who want to mix the music or the videos by themselves, you can download the media by using the links available at the bottom of each playlist. Check other playlists and easily create a nice music video bank.

Bingo planner

No need to be an expert to organize a bingo. This website has been designed to allow anyone to become a video bingo planner. To learn the procedures and important concepts, go to “Bingo planner” in the main menu. If you have already a personal or a professional interest in the entertainment world “discomobile , DJ, etc…”, you’ll be even more interested to integrate the game to your projects.