This tutorial explains how to verify the winning bingo cards with the verification table.

verification feature image

– Verification Table

The verification table will tell you which bingo cards are winners and the location of the winning lines on each card. The Legend on the right shows how the table indicates the locations of the winning lines.
140605 winning lines locations

– Verification Procedures of winning bingo cards

When a player forms a line of five consecutive squares, they get a BINGO. Each card can contain more than one bingo. Before giving the participant a prize or a ticket for the final draw, check if the bingo card was played correctly.

The card #4 has 2 winning lines, the lines “N” and “2”.

140605 winning lines 1-10
140605 card 4 small

Take down the player’s bingo card number and find it on the verification table under the “#” column. If the card is a winner, a number under the “T” column will indicate the total number of winning lines the card contains. The column “Winning lines” will indicate the exact locations of the lines on the card. Confirm if those locations on the card correspond to the locations indicated on the verification table.

– Bingo card not properly filled

Participants can make mistakes on their bingo cards. Some participants may even try to claim their tickets and test the accuracy of the organizer to detect wrong bingo cards. If a bingo card indicates a bingo when the verification table indicates otherwise, this means that the card has not been filled properly. Some of these errors may produce incorrect winning lines. Tell the participant he doesn’t have a winning card and confirm the error made by using the reference table.