Assuming that all the necessary needed sheets are already printed. Distribute bingo cards among participants. Before you begin, explain clearly and briefly the rules to the participants. The game follows most of the rules as in the standard bingo game with the balls numbered from 1 to 75. So, most of the people already know how to play bingo. Prior to starting the game, clarify the set of rules to all of the participants regarding the winning conditions, the final draw and the prizes. Each organizer can decide their own rules as long as they mention them clearly at the beginning of the game.

The basic rules are:

– Each confirmed winning bingo line on the player’s card gives its owner 1 ticket for the final draw.

– The organizer will verify winning bingo cards at the end of the game (confirm all the winning lines).

– It is the participant’s responsibility to play their own bingo cards and follow the game. Don’t ask the bingo host if a card is a winner when there is no bingo lines on your card.

The organizer uses the lists to monitor the progress of the game and to entertain the players. He can help the players by calling out the B I N G O columns in which the current video clip can be found. He can also help the participants by naming the artist and/or the title of the video clip. It is up to the organizer to decide his own way to host the game.

Participants who obtain winning bingo lines will have to confirm them with the bingo organizer the end of the game. It’s more practical for the bingo planner to verify the cards once at the end of the game as each card may contain more than one bingo. Once a card is validated, each bingo line gives the winners 1 ticket for the final draw. The organizer may give extra time at the end of the game to allow all the participants to validate their cards and get tickets for the final draw. The prizes are usually the courtesy of the host. Ex : Billiard Centers or Bowling Centers can provide free games and other kinds of prizes.