How to play bingo with music videos - Play Bingo with Music Videos

How to play bingo with music videos

Host a unique bingo game

play bingo with music videos

Bingo with music videos is like a standard bingo game with draws of numbers, but instead, players mark down the music titles in their bingo card squares. Don’t worry, we have everything you need to help you host a game (50 cards, call sheet, video playlist). If you have your own music library, you can create your own bingo cards using your titles with the web application Bingo Maker.

Play a bingo game with YouTube

YouTube player description

The playlist contains all the music video titles of this game. The same titles are randomly placed in the squares of the bingo cards. To make a draw, click on a video in the playlist. Adapt the duration of the videos to the situation. For example, if the players dance and have a great time, you can wait for the music to end before the next video. If most of the players are waiting for the next title, you can play the next video right away.

Description of the bingo cards

bingo cards description

The PDF file consists of 25 pages with two bingo cards per page. You can give two cards (one page) per player or cut the sheet in half to get 50 individual bingo cards. Print the number of bingo cards you need for the game. Distribute the cards to the players and explain to them the winning patterns they need to get in order to be winners (get a bingo).

bingo winning patterns

Description of the call sheet

call sheet description

The call sheet contains all the music titles in this playlist classed by column. It’ll help you match the numbers with the corresponding music videos in the playlist, and tell the players in which BINGO column the title can be found. Mark down the music video titles played in the call sheet. This sheet will help you keep track of the titles played, and validate the winning cards.

Make random draws of music videos

host the game

We suggest to you three ways to make random draws of titles during the game:

1 – Make draws with a bingo cage

If you have a bingo cage with balls numbered from 1 to 75, you can make the draw of random numbered balls as for a standard bingo game. Draw a ball from the cage, click the corresponding music video in the playlist, and mark down the title on the call sheet.

make random draws using a bingo cage

2 – Use the random function

You can use the random function in the YouTube video player. Open the playlist in YouTube, and click the random button. When you click next video, a random video in the playlist will start automatically. Mark down the title on the call sheet.

youtube random function

3 – Cut out the titles

You can also “cut out the titles” from the call sheet, and place the pieces in a hat, a bag or a box. Shake the container to shuffle the pieces together, and start the draw. Click the corresponding music video in the playlist, and mark down the title on another call sheet.

cut out the titles from the call sheet

Validate the winners and distribute the prizes

validate the winners

Compare the titles you mark down on the call sheet with the player’s card. Validate that each of the squares were played correctly. Give a prize to the winner, or make a final draw among all the winners at the end of the game.

Make a final draw among winners

four corners final draw

If you want to extend the game and distribute the prizes with a final draw among winners, you can use the “4 corners” way. When a player gets a valid bingo, a corner with his card number is ripped from his card. This gives the player one chance to win a prize at the final draw. If a player gets several winning patterns on his card, he gets more chances to win a prize on the final draw. More bingo you have, more chances you have. The game continues until the host collects enough card corners to make the final draw. We hope you enjoy your game experience.

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