Here are the basic principles you need to know in order to play Video Bingo on this website.

– Organizer’s job

The organizer (bingo planner) has to accomplish the following steps:

Go to the main menu and choose a playlist. Print all the PDF files from the playlist and distribute the bingo cards to the participants. When you’re ready to play, click on the video. Follow the progression of the game with the reference table. Help the participants to find the video titles on their bingo card by calling out the B I N G O columns and the video titles where they can be found. The bingo ends when the playlist is over. Confirm the winning cards at the end of the bingo with the verification table. Do the final draw among winners

– Player’s job

The players check if the music video titles are on their bingo card squares. When they get a winning square, they mark it down. When the players form a line of five consecutive winning squares, they get a BINGO. The game goes on until the last video of the playlist. Participants who get winning bingo lines will ask the organizer to validate their cards at the end of the game. Each card may contain more than one bingo. That’s why it’s more practical for the bingo planner to verify the cards at the end of the game. The winning players get 1 ticket for each bingo line for the final draw.

– Final draw

When a player gets a bingo, he doesn’t win a prize ride away. A bingo line means that you have a chance to win a prize for the final draw. The winning players get 1 ticket for each bingo line on their cards. The prizes will be divided among the winners of the draw. Make sure all the participants get enough time to validate their cards and that all the tickets were distributed to those winners. Draw the winning tickets and give the prizes to the owner of those tickets. Prizes are usually supplied by the bingo organizer or host.

– Playlists

The playlists already contain everything you need in order to play a video bingo game ride away. The cards already match the YouTube video playlist. All you need to do is to print the cards and play the video.

The playlists were sorted by tags attributed by iTunes. You can download the media files at the bottom of each playlist. You can access all the available music video playlists on the Video bingo Youtube channel.

* Playlists and iTunes links were created for US and Canadian users. You may not be able to view the videos or download the medias if you’re in another country.

– PDF files

The PDF files that are available for each playlist. They were made to match the Youtube video playlists and let you play easily video bingo online ride away. All you need to do is to print the cards and you’re ready to start. Choose the model of bingo card you want to print (2 cards per sheet or 1 card in the middle of the sheet). Use the model “1 card in the middle of the sheet” to insert the design you want on each side. Print the number of bingo cards needed and distribute them randomly among the participants. Print the reference table and the verification table. Those tables will help you follow the game and verify the winners.

Bingo cards
(2 cards per sheet)
Bingo cards
(1 card in the middle of the sheet)
Reference table
Reference table
Verification table
Verification table

– The reference table

The reference table helps the organiser to follow the bingo and find out if participants made any mistakes on their bingo cards (wrong winning squares). The top reference table contains the order of the video titles by position and the B I N G O rows in which they will be played during the bingo. The bottom reference table contains the video titles ​​listed by B I N G O rows and position order. Those tables will help the planner to follow the progression of the game and call out the coming music video titles to help the participants find the winning squares on their cards.
Reference table

Winning bingo cards verification

The verification table will let you easily confirm if a card is a winner. Take down the player’s bingo card number. Look for the card number on the verification table. If there is a number on the right of the card number, this confirms it is a winning card. It will indicate to you the number of winning lines on the player’s card. You can also check the locations of the winning lines. Give the winners 1 ticket for each winning bingo line on their bingo cards. If there is no number on the verification table, then it is not a winning card.
Verification table