Become a bingo planner !

Become an video bingo planner today. It is up to you to try the concept and see the results. Give your participants an unparalleled experience and a new way of enjoying the bingo game. The majority of people who discovered the concept for the first time described the experience as enjoyable, memorable and captivating. This is why this website was created. Everybody has their own ideas on ​​how to adapt the game to different contexts. Here are some examples of events and places you could organized a video bingo:

– Discomobiles
– Schools
– Universities
– Receptions
– Weddings
– Restaurants
– Pubs and Bistros
– Neighbourhood Festivals
– Patio
– Night Clubs
– Resorts
– Hotels
– Summer Camps
– Exhibitions
– Bowling centers
– Youth houses
– Festivals
– Office Parties
– Birthdays
– Camping
– Beaches
– Conferences
– etc…

The goal of this site is to help anyone to organize a video bingo. To play online, just choose a playlist in the main menu and follow the instructions. For those already working as a DJ or that already have an interest in the entertainment field, this site is for you. For those who want to provide a more entertaining experience for the participants, video clips and lyric videos would be the best choice. To help you build a library of video clips, download the medias available at the bottom of each playlist.

For those who want to organize a video bingo in a public or commercial area, please check the laws and regulations applicable to the place of business. For example, in Canada, to be a DJ, you must have a DJ license and have acquired the media by legal means (purchased in store or downloaded on iTunes). For those who want to know more about this topic, go to Wikipedia.

Become a video bingo planner, from A to Z.

It is not always easy to get started on the adventure for the first time. The steps below will help you answer most of your questions and get you into business.

Host a video bingo

– Distribute the bingo cards, introduce the game and explain the rules

– Host the bingo game

– Verify the winning bingo cards and proceed with the draw